During the 4th quarter of 2021, the Department of Agric in collaboration with CSIR-crops organized a demonstration on the utilization of Orange flesh Sweet Potato (OFSP) at Gomoa Achiase. Farmers and processors were trained on the use of OFSP in preparing;

  • Fante Kenkey (wo na de okyeaw)
  • Mpotompoto
  • Juice
  • Crispy chips
  • Fried rice
  • Pancake
  • Banku (Etew)  
  • OFSP Leaves in stew (Palava Sauce)
  • Ampesi
  • OFSP Puree

Thirty seven (37) farmers and processors comprising twenty six (26) females and eleven (11) males benefited from the demonstration. Participants were divided into three groups, Group 1 was given fante kenkey, puree and pancake to prepare, group 2 was given palava sauce, etew, fried rice and ampesi to prepare while group 3 was given crispy chips, juice and mpotompoto to prepare. The facilitator was there to train and supervise in all the processes involved in the preparation of the recipes. The DCE, Coordinating Director and some officials from the Gomoa Central district graced the occasion and encouraged the participants to use OFSP and use the technologies learnt to create employment for themselves and train other farmers as well. 


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