Gomoa Central District Assembly is one of the twenty-two (22) districts in the Central Region of Ghana. The District was carved out as a separate district from the then Gomoa East District in March, 2018 by the Legislative Instrument 2339 and became operational in April, 2018. It occupies an area of 206.69 square kilometers with an estimated population of 90,465 for 2019, comprising 47.5 percent males and 52.5 percent females with a 3.2 percent growth rate. The estimated population for 2020 is 93, 406 and that of 2021 is 96, 444. The Assembly is headed by a political head, that is, the District Chief Executive and assisted administratively by the District Coordinating Director with Fifteen (15) departments in the district. The Assembly is composed of Twenty-Four (24) members made up of 15 elected members and 9 appointees (including one Member of Parliament and the District Chief Executive). The district is divided into four (4) Area Councils and fifteen (15) Unit Committees as its administrative structure.


The vision of Gomoa Central District Assembly is “To become a First Class and Citizen Focused Local Government Authority”.


The Gomoa Central District Assembly exists “to facilitate the improvement of the quality of life of the people through the provision of equitable services, effective mobilization and utilization of resources and the promotion of professionalism, all within the context of good governance and popular participation”.

Total land area

475 sq. km

Total communities


Estimated population (2021)


Educational infrastructure


Health Facilities